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  •  Do you use Adblock on Youtube and feel guilty about not being able to help out your favorite creators? This might be the tier for you! 
  • My sincerest Thanks for supporting my Channel! 

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  • You will be known as a Patreon on Official Phlinger's Phoo Phighters Discord so you can hang out with and become a Phoo Phighter!
  • You will have access to the Phoo Phighters Servers as a thank you for Donating to Phlinger. - (The ability to play on the servers is Phlinger's way of thanking everyone that help support his ability to provide everyone with awesome daily videos. Pledging to Patreon does not guarantee access to the servers and this is NOT a pay to play mechanic. The ability to play on the servers can and has been removed from players that cannot play as a team, cause continuous disruptions to fellow players or act like an ass.)

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  • You and a friend or a family member are welcome to join the Phoo Phighters servers and play together along with all the other awesome people.
  • Plus all previous rewards




Hey! How's it going everyone? I'm Phlinger Phoo! I do try to be either witty and/or funny, but usually fail at both. Welcome to my Patreon! After many people requesting that I set one up, I decided, what the hey and did it!

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