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Getting tired of waiting for the next chapter? With a pledge of one dollar, see chapters a week early for all active stories. Chapters will be posted a week early on my patreon for all patrons and will go live every Monday at midnight Mountain Time.
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Get access to my Patron only discord chat! This chat room is not just for you to ask me questions directly, but also as a place where we can talk about the future of my stories.If you like to see what goes on behind the scenes of a story, or like to influence those workings yourself, then this level is for you!

Get access to chapters, story arcs, future development and more weeks or even months in advance! And what's more, have a say in all of these things! 

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About Argentorum

Hi! If you're looking at this Patreon page, you've probably read one or more of my stories and enjoyed them enough to want to support me. For that, I'd like to say a huge thank you!

I enjoyed writing a great deal, and this Patreon exists to support my writing. Currently, I'm writing two thousand plus words a week, in addition to other projects as I have the time. I want to continue this trend, and keep producing entertaining and engaging stories for everyone to read. By supporting me here, you're not only showing your appreciation, but also actively helping me produce more content! I appreciate any amount of support, and by pledging here, you can get access to content early, and even become part of the creative process. 

Thank you everyone who stops and takes a look at this, as well as each and every person who has the generosity to give!
$30 of $100 per month
At 100 dollars, I'll up the number of updates per week from one on Monday, to two Monday and Wednesday! The Monday updates will be used to finish off my active story, before starting the original web serial I've been working on.

Until then, your support helps me keep writing updates to all my stories.
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