is creating something lmao

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hi thank for donataying




  • Hello fellow Patreon user. I am AxperZ and you probably have no idea who I am and what I do. Well let me introduce you to myself. I make Youtube videos and I play Roblox .
  • I don't only play Roblox, But I do artworks as well but now I don't usually do it as much and I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and practice my Photoshop skills.
  • I also make Roblox animations but I don't upload it every time I'd make a video and upload it to my channel, mostly because it is hard to make and it takes me a few days.
  • All the artworks and Photoshop images will go in this Patreon account and I do not take commissions. This will be all the information you need to know thank you c:

Extra Information:

  • Roblox user: GaiManWer
  • Discord: Sandwich guy#3692
  • Youtube: AxperZ
  • Twitter: @ZeAxperZ
  • PC specs: Radeon R5 M240 2GB
                     Intel Core i3 4005U 1.7 GHZ
                     450 GB HDD
                     4 GB RAM
                     Windows 10 Pro
  • Dab lmao

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It is for the electric guitar I'm earning up for :D
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