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About 5 Cats On The Lane

 I have had Cats as far back as I can remember. In Kansas, California, Chicago and now in the desert Southwest. We had 2 cats for years until we were staked out by a MomCat and her three newborn kittens. Another was brought to us by a friend who thought we needed more. Some have since traveled to friends and family and we ended up with 5 when we moved to our first house, on the Lane. After living great lives their journeys have now segued into their legacy. Cats that have found their way into our hearts and home, some thrust on us, some ready to give birth and some with physical challenges. We don't ask for more cats, they just know it's a good place to live, play, EAT.  This is a photo journey of those that want their pictures taken. The others, well, they are happy to just lay back and enjoy the weather. 

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