Orange Prince

is creating Minecraft videos, Yu Gi Oh videos, Roleplays
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About Orange Prince

Hello! My name is Colin and I am a young youtuber who has around 1000 subs! I would like to try to be big in youtube before I graduate so that I can help support my family and me. I am not asking for 100's of dollars or any thing I would just like to by a new microphone. If you donate I will give you shout outs and I will honestly be very grateful and happy. I also work with even BIGGER youtubers such as the ones listed 
ItsRitchieW -
Xylophoney -
Mevoda -
OwTreyalP -
PandaFire11 -
Thetruegingershadow -
InmoNum -
xiiRockstarrTv -
GingerNutt -
CrateUp -
CrazyMtch42 -
DemonGamer67 -
Zaromaru -
Tcshad -
TheFuzzyMole -
Orange -
Mario -
Pugz -
LordLaelaps -
Flouzemaker -
Penguin -
SeeKaaaahh -

Now you are most likely wondering why I dont ask them for some money. I feel kinda embarrassed to ask friends for money (yet you ask on here?) Well thats because I am hoping to find some kind people out there who would like to help someone out <3

Here is my channel
$2 of $50 per month
I would like this amount to buy myself a blue snowball. It is a really good mic for a cheap price. 
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