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About Roest

Attention to all Gnomoria and kingdom simulator fans. I’m working on a Gnomoria clone. I will be creating a near copy of the current version, after which, I will add more features. This Gnomoria clone will be called Ingnomia.

Hello. My name is Ralph Schurade, also known as /u/Roest. I'm a freelance software developer. Like you, I was disappointed when Robobob stopped working on Gnomoria in favor of real life. I understand where he’s coming from so please, don’t take that as criticism. I looked at Gnomoria and said to myself, “hey, I can do this.” I started creating a working graphics handler, one that would handle many sprites, moving them around without slowdown. Do you want more space? I’ve made the game even bigger. Currently, it only works in 64 bit Windows but it will have cross platform functionality as I’m using C++ and Qt5, which I work with every day on my day job.

So why am I creating a Patreon page? Well, creating a game takes a lot of time. Time that is not spent earning money for living can be used to create games. Currently, I don’t know how much will be needed, so, I’m asking for whatever you can donate. Those who donate, will get to watch my progress in videos and, eventually, get early access to my game. 

My goals for this game, is to first get it to near Gnomoria copy. Then, I’ll be adding more graphics, and other functionality, such as more jobs for gnomes. I’ve already got a working framework for a mod system to make the game totally customizeable. Other goals include creating an endgame for Ingnomia which Gnomoria never really had.

I want to thank you for your support. Happy building!
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