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Hey guys so if you found your way here you probably know who I am.  But if you don't I create videos, and shortly articles, about being autistic.  It can be anything from tips to rambling about something you might relate to to calling society out on their bullshit.  

I strongly believe in the social model of disability and believe we've been treated like idiots for far too long when often times we only need a little extra assistance.  Sometimes that assistance might be as little as just letting us do our own thing and not sneering at us. 

As you've noticed I haven't included rewards as I strongly feel that everyone should be able to access what might help them.  I would never want to stand between someone and them feeling better about themselves for a few bucks. 

Your support will allow me to devote more time to doing the videos though, meaning there will be more.  If I end up getting enough paterons I'll be able to get a proper light and camera setup. 

I've set it up so its a donation per video.  I've done this as my upload schedule is super sporatic so one month I might do sixteen videos and the next I might do one.  You can of course set a maxium monthly donation that will prevent you form donating more than that per month. 

I want to thank you if your able to donate.  You're helping me do more of what I love doing.
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