is creating art and animation (and just needs the money)
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My Undying Thanks (and a mention)
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Every bit helps! Five bucks isn't much, but I'd be grateful! Plus, from this teir and beyond, you'll be mentioned at the end of one of my videos!
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You like art? You like your ocs/faves? That's whatcha get, then. NSFW not accepted.
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Even more characters for the art you desire! NSFW still isn't accepted, though.




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About Sophie

Hi! I'm Sophie, and I am an aspiring artist and (hopefully) future animator. I'm in need of money for a multitude of reasons, but what's remaining from fufilling needs will be put to helping me have better art programs and such. For comments, questions, and concerns, it'd be best to contact me on Instagram and Tumblr @drshrunkismydad. Relating, Dr. Shrunk's Child is my YouTube channel.

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