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Thanks for donating! Every dollar helps, and I really appreciate your donation. This will help me in a huge way to start to have more time and better equipment to do my work. I will always take requests, and you will have some priority as to what I will work on next.
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Thanks for donating! This will help me go even farther with my work. For donating, I will make sure to give you a shout-out in a pinned comment on the next video I create after your donation. Also, for donating a higher amount, you will have a medium level of priority in what song I do next.
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Thanks for donating! This will help me go a long way in the work I'm doing. For donating, I will give you a shout-out in the description of the video, thanking you personally for the donation. Also, you will have access to 10 MIDIs of whatever songs I have transcribed for your own use. Thanks! You will also have high priority in what song I do next! 




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 Hello! My name is Manzar Elahi, and I've been creating transcription videos, sheet music, and MIDIs for various songs. These are for the most part from video games I had played in my childhood, or games I am currently playing. However, I also do some anime OSTs and I am open to transcribing anything you could want, provided you request it! 

WHY SHOULD YOU DONATE? - I'm asking only for donations for the work I do currently, because I will never charge people to enjoy another composers work, or my own interpretation of their work. To me, music is an art form that should be shared across the world, free of charge. It always irks me a bit when I see someone charging money for sheet music, videos, or MIDIs of work that is not originally theirs, but I can respect that they do that as well. It takes many hours of hard work and pickiness to really get a transcription down right. That being said, I will remain to keep my work free, but I would really appreciate any help I could get! XD

WHAT WILL DONATING HELP ME WITH? - Currently, I'm working 6 days a week to fund going back to school for a Masters degree. I currently have a Bachelors degree in Music Education from UNT! Donating will help me have more time to create these transcriptions, and will also let me upgrade my equipment. Currently, I'm just using my trust old laptop and a pair of Sony MDR-7506s to do these transcriptions. Also, I will be able to purchase better notation software such as Finale or Sibelius. Currently, I am using Musescore, which is free! Donating would mean I could upgrade my laptop to where the videos are a lot cleaner, sound and video wise. Also, I would be able to save for actual audio tools that will help me create the best transcriptions I can! All and any donations are appreciated!

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This will help me get better equipment for transcription, such as better headphones and software. Finale and Sibelius are both very expensive programs, and this will help me start to save up for it. Thanks!
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