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About Schopix Studios

Schopix Studios, in close association with Cylinx Music (and eventually, Aeroflame Gaming) is a team of enthusiastic friends just trying to make a positive difference in the world, bringing a message of hope through humor, entertainment, and meaningful stories. The idea was started by Cameron Schopen in 2012 who acquired a small startup company Black Pawn Productions in 2015, and a universe of heroes and adventures that had spawned from childhood had begun to come to life on the big screen.

"I fell in love with video making in 6th grade when my sister and I started recording stories of our stuffed animals. Ten years and a million experiences and editing hours later, I'm finally pursuing a film and animation career at full force. I've always wanted to do YouTube content, but was always too indecisive to settle down on one channel idea or one content idea. In 2007, my sister and I started a brand idea called Imaginature Productions, doing simple slideshow movies in Windows Movie Maker of family and friends. The technical means of animation felt so out of reach, but my mind was blown when I realized in 2011 that modern editing made it possible for anyone with a few hundred bucks for software to make amazing stuff (I was growing up alongside the technology - my first computer class in 2001 saved our homework on 1 megabyte floppy disks!) I realized YouTube content creators made their passion their living - and couldn't imagine doing anything less with my life. YouTube became a platform for fan fiction animated shorts of game characters such as those from Blizzard's Overwatch, who will eventually cross over, with the fans who've stuck around and followed along, to discover the Imaginature World." ~ Cam

Schopix is on Patreon to ask fans for help bringing the Imaginature World to life cinematically. If that's something you'd be excited to see, any kind of donation would mean so much!

Thanks to everyone!
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First milestone. I'll be able to get a good lav mic to use for better quality audio!
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