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So named because they're the angels that keep almost all Patreons running smoothly, Angels are highly-valued patrons, and receive the following rewards:


  • access to monthly short fiction pieces based around queer and marginalised female identities, in multiple formats including compatibility with Kindle and other e-readers
  • access to behind-the-scenes updates about what's going on with all of my projects
  • your name in the Special Thanks section of each story acknowledging that you helped me get here
  • ability to vote every second month on ideas for short fiction content!

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Angel patrons with a special extra set of wings! The Archangel patrons receive all of the rewards from the previous tier, as well as:


  • access to archived short fiction pieces from the past, allowing you to access all of the previous stories you may have missed from before you signed up!

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All of the tiers from this level onward include rewards not just related to my short fiction anthologies, but also free copies of my other works as they come out:


  • all the rewards available to the previous two tiers
  • DRM-free eBook copies of any of my other self-published works three weeks before they are published on Amazon!




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About Brenna Gawain

Hi everyone! My name is Brenna Gawain, and I am a queer author living in rural Queensland in Australia. As a queer intersex woman who lives with chronic pain, creating diverse fiction that represents a wide range of identities is extremely important to me - enough that I've decided to make it my life's work.

This Patreon will form a part of that work, as I seek to produce one short fiction piece every month exploring queer and marginalised female identities. By pledging to my Patreon, you can help make that work better and help it reach wider audiences, as well as making sure that I can continue it.

Patreon is a unique creator platform that allows communication directly between a creator and their audience. I can get feedback from my audience about what they want to see more of and what they like just as fast as I can distribute my work to those who want to see it - with the click of a button.

Your patronage doesn't just make my work better by allowing it to flourish, but also by helping to form a community that fosters discussion and critique of art based around identities that have long been deliberately excluded from literary circles, which in turn informs more art.

As well as this, the monthly contribution of funds affords creators a sense of security while they produce their art, which naturally effects the quality of what can be produced, making everything better!

  • all patrons of every level gain access to monthly short fiction pieces based around queer and marginalised female identities, in multiple formats including compatibility with Kindle and other e-readers
  • all patrons of every level can vote on polls regarding story content every second month
  • all patrons will receive updates on my other work focussing on diverse identities outside of this short fiction project
  • higher tiers of patronage will receive DRM-free eBook copies of the yearly anthology collection of all twelve monthly pieces three weeks before it is released on Amazon
  • higher tiers of patronage can request a story topic for a short fiction piece (provided that the subject matter is appropriate for the anthology)
  • the Executive Producer tier of patronage will receive access to a monthly hangout including more updates on my work, in-depth question-and-answer sessions about whatever you might want to ask me, and news about future projects

Creating representation in fiction for marginalised audiences will always be one of my life's greatest passions, and by supporting this Patron you can not only gain access to my content but help me make it as good as it can possibly be! Thank you for your consideration.
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When I reach $50 per month, I will be able to afford individual covers for each short fiction piece, making them more eye-catching.
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