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Hello patreons! ((Patreonions? Patreonics?))
I've  got too much art in my pockets and i need room for my lizards in there, so please take some art off my hands! I'm now taking commissions! This art will be solely sketches, dumb animals, Paintings, and prisma colored pencil art~
Tattoo ideas and sketches, I can also help with! Message me and let me know If you would like to purchase art for a one time thing and rather exchange through PayPal or something 👌
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! All the money earned will go toward by college fund! 
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Dumb Animal of my choice
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I will send you a picture over email of a drawing of some dumb animal of my choice!
Bust up sketch
per creation
I will email you a bust up sketch with no color of who or whatever you choose
Bust up colored
per creation
I will email you a bust of who or whatever you choose with full color.
Full character sketch
per creation
Full sketch of who or whatever you choose. 
Full character colored
per creation
Full character drawing with color.
$0 of $2,500 per null
This would help me get a head start on my college fees, its large goal but its all im working towards.
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