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About Cell-U-Lloyd

Who are you?
Hello there children of the internet, my name is Lloyd... maybe. I'm a film student who is looking to channel their passion for storytelling and filmmaking into videos for the internet. 

What are you doing?
I'm primarily making video essays on films, television and wrestling. I would like to thank everyone in advance for watching anything I produce and I can't apologise enough for producing it. My goal is ultimately to make videos that inform and hopefully challenge people, in their perceptions, their opinions and their ideas. I also aim to make videos that are comedic in tone, their are far to many negative, shouty angry "reviews" of films, television and other media on the internet, without me adding to it. Positivity is the key people. I will also be producing some animation stuff and short films - of questionable quality - from time to time. It's mainly in the name of creatively expressing myself and exploring/developing my skills in the filmmaking medium and hopefully you enjoy it.

What will be your content output?
I aim to release at least 2 videos per month, although some months I may exceed this and some months I may fall drastically short, depending on how my university work is currently doing. I'm going to be in incredible amounts of debt once it's over, so you know... it's kind of a priority.

What's in it for you?
The first thing you get for supporting me is my gratitude, while I'd probably produce content regardless of financial support, having that backing is an incredible relief and enables me to devote more time towards creating content and improving my skills. Secondly, you will get access to bonus content, behind the scenes stuff and maybe transcripts and bonus off the cuff audio that I record when I enter ramble mode - BEWARE I um and ah a lot. Thirdly, for top donors, I will personally thank you in the credits of my videos. Any friend, family member, enemy and disgruntled house spiders you have that hear this thanks, will believe that you personally pulled me from a burning building and will think you're pretty cool... Maybe... Hopefully... Who knows really?

What will you do with our support
First of all, your support will help me eat, which is kind of important I hear. Secondly, it will help me to buy better hardware and software to aid me in the making of content, which would improve my content and hopefully, your viewing pleasure. Thirdly, your support enables me to produce the content I want to produce, whether that is an in depth analysis of a film, or an exploration of a storytelling device exclusive to the medium of wrestling or even my own original films and animation projects, you make it all far more possible than it would be without you. And you have my thanks.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
No! Pineapple does not belong on pizza, such a thing is heresy!

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Hey, if you donate this much a month you, yes you! Will have early access to videos before they are published on my YouTube account to the wider world. Usually by a couple of days. As well as my undying gratitude and a thank you in the credits of all Patreon videos.
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You'll get access to the content from the previous tier, also you'll get access to monthly updates of all the lunacy I'll be working on. As well as having access to Patron exclusive videos.
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Not only will you have access to the first two tiers, you will also have access to cut material, that doesn't quite make it into my videos and films. As well as a verbal thank you credit in all my videos. Also if you ever need help moving a couch, I would consider it.
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I'll purchase better equipment and software to improve my video quality. Also I will do a Q and A video, why not? 
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