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hi, i like to make toy or replica, papercraft and make armor cosplay
now i'm in interrest to make frame arms girl  accessoriesfigma accessories and armor or maybe figma diorama

the accessories that i'm interrest is tomy tech little armory but i have no money, so i make that replica for my only figma i have or maybe you guys call it as resin conversion

from what i making that replica ?
ya........ actually all material i have in my desk like ice cream stick, hard cardboard and cutton buds, don't forget a glue and picture, if it possible i need material from runner and junk part of bandai gundam because the plastic is very good for make a tiny replica

and also now i need to develop from manual to 3d printer as time goes by technology

my goal is to have a 3d printer like formlabs or atoms for large scale and for now i need anycubic photon for make my first step in customing, as you can see in the goals tab

all my thanks for everybody out there who will support me
i repeat
thank you very much

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1/12 scale model accessories that can be support to 
  • figma 
  • frame arms girl
  • megami device
0% complete
i need to have a 3d printer that can print high detail in tiny size and also with smooth texture (anycubic photon as the example) so that i can make it as base and casting it then sale it or make a high discount to my patron
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