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About Martha Pearson

I am Martha or Marty for short. I work as a cartoonist professionally and have experience in a number of different forms of artwork. My current project is Hello Prince Awkward.

What is Hello Prince Awkward?

In the small town of Wellspring whenever Fantasy and Sci-fi takes the driver's seat, grace and dignity take a holiday.

Hello Prince Awkward is my webcomic.
It will have a dinosaur exhibit run by real dinosaurs. A restaurant whose regular inhabitants are a whole slew of fairy tail creatures. A secret organization that actually works for charity and a town whose setting is only outmatched by the colorful characters that live there. That is the goal for this comic. That is what I'd like to give readers. With your help, the possibilities of what happens in Wellspring are endless.

What else do you work on?
I volunteer to do artwork for charity. I work with an organization that helps bring art into community's reach. I am currently getting readers to drop on by, read, the comic, and give some feedback. Readers reading my work is amazing to me. 
$0 of $50 per month
First goal will be a monthly vlog. At the end of each month I will take a series of questions asked by patrons and answer them online. This Vlog will also feature concept art, questions pertaining to the comic Hello Prince Awkward and will be a monthly
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