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Hi There,

I just wanna say first of all I know nothing about this computer world. Nothing at all. Don't even know how to turn one on. Thanks to my wife Julie who types for me I am able to answer all my email personally and do my best to keep up with you on Facebook.  

Hi, Julie here.
got a late start  in the computer world and it really is quite a challenge! Just know that I am doing my best to help Jerry communicate with you through writing, uploads, downloads, pre-loads & front loads! Eventually we'll hire someone to help with social media and online marketing and give me time to do more of what I enjoy the most which is the production end of Jerry's recordings and shows.

Through our amazingly talented friend Peter Hollens we have learned that Patreon can help us share Jerry's music . Like NPR the content is always free.  However if you would like to donate  then your contribution goes toward the production costs to support the continuation of content that you value.

Unlike Kickstarter where  projects need major funding to  be completed, here at Patreon the funding is for mini projects so donations as small as $2 per month make a difference! Most importantly  remember that like NPR there is no cost to you for tuning in and enjoying our productions. So here is what's in the works!

1. We'll upload some old & some never before seen videos from Jerry's career in addition to brand new videos. You'll even get to be in the studio with us (well virtually) while putting tunes together. You are in for some nice surprises.

2. We are producing a video series in which Jerry will go through all 22 albums while being  interviewed and share the music and the stories of that time of his life. He's got some good ones!

3. Jerry is collaborating with some very talented musicians, songwriters and performers and we  plan to introduce you to  their work with Jerry through videos and MP3s.

4. Jerry has a new  CD being released on Red Beet Records in 2014 and will be touring soon so there will be lots of  behind the scenes  videos and concert clips to share. So you see he is busy and your support will make all of these projects a bit easier to share with you. 

You can also show your support by  just sending good vibes our way, sing along or turn others on to Jerry's  contributions. And if you have a suggestion for your rewards or a request let us know! [email protected] 
$9 of $2,000 per null
My goal is to produce music videos of my shows and recording projects. 
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