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is creating life dream that does not end.

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                                                                Who I am ?
My name is Hugues Levistre and I am currently overhauling a Peugeot P4 off road vehicle comparable with a Mercedes G wagen and try to do a big trip or world trip to test it,it try to post or vlog almost every aspect of this overhauling in the hopes to inspire to motivate and encourage others P4 or G class lovers live their dreams to own one ore to overhaul one as well. With your support I whill be able to fulfilled my dreams and keep my dream alive !
                                                               What can you do?
Becoming a patreon pledge means you pick a "monthly" amount to donate and help keep my dream alive. Your support means more to me than you will ever know! I can not thank you enough. I promise to utilize every penny to continue to forfill the complet overhaul every step of the way until the end of the journey.
Thank you so much already!

19% complete
building and equipping the vehicle step by step and improving what is possible and necessary to reach the end goal ... regardless of the time it will take.
it must be good and right so that other people and myself can learn to build a vehicle themselves right at the first time, learning is a wisdom and fun to share.
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