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Thanks so much for pledging! This is for anyone who simply just wants to support what I do! Every bit counts, and I appreciate it so much! :3
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Thank you so much for pledging! This is for anyone who just wants to help out! This helps go towards the upkeep of equipment and software, and you also receive my eternal gratification ^.^.
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You're too kind :3! For this reward, I'll do voice work for you! Any lines or narration you would like me to record, I'll do it! Whether it be for a story, a cameo appearance, sports play by play, whatever! I'll do it, as long as it's not NSFW, or pretty much not anything above PG ^.^. (I do have the right to refuse if uncomfortable recording the lines, however compromises can be made :3) (I will send you the recordings in whichever format (.Wav, .MP3, etc) you wish, through whichever medium (Skype, Google Drive, etc) you want ^.^)




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About Robert Ballantyne

I began the Tyandaga channel at the start of 2015, with nothing more than a love for the show and community of MLP in one hand, and optimism and happy thoughts in the other. After such a short amount of time, the channel has ballooned to great heights, off of the sheer positive support and feedback from you guys!

So, with the encouragement of many of you, I have decided to create a Patreon! This is a great way to help support the content I create, as well as earn yourself some rewards from yours truly :3.

The money you pledge will go directly towards helping the channel! Whether this be through getting better equipment, utilizing better software, better art for videos, etc, you can be assured the money you pledge will in turn help me to make the highest quality content possible for you!
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The current Wacom Tablet that I have is almost on the fritz. By this, I mean it clicks random areas on the screen, and blinks angrily at me, demanding a proper funeral. While I need to keep it alive for now, if I was pledged this much per month, I would be able to purchase a new tablet, perhaps one that will last longer ^.^.
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