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Heyy. So we found each other!

CRASH are bursting with ideas and Patreon seemed the obvious place to come AND bring YOU  with us for the ride. We're essentially a live party band and are completely driven to make our gigs explode with energy, because that’s where our fun is and where our clients’ rep comes from as being a great host and creating a brilliant night!

BUT…we’re much more than that and don’t want to restrict ourselves to being just one thing; We have a burning urge to make music videos to stretch our abilities further and entertain even more people.

We absolutely LOVE taking great songs apart; songs that everyone knows; we bend them this way and that, a bit of rewriting here and there and turn them into something fresh and new, in CRASH style. We adore music and what it can do for the soul, and we intend to make much of this opportunity and offer a ton of feel-good stuff by combining it with our new-found love of doing video work.

By supporting us through Patreon, you'll help us to really get our creative juices flowing in a way that we couldn’t possibly have done before. Sets, backdrops, green screens, locations, pyrotechnics etc (well who wouldn’t…right!?) We're all part-time at this right now but it'd be so cool to do it full time and make even more of the stuff that you guys like!

Realistically, we hope to be able to release one to two videos a month with a couple of bigger ‘epics’ every year. Wherever we go, we're always filming.

With your help we can really get it on! But don't panic! You can set a monthly maximum so you’ll never be charged more than your agreed budget. And if you don't want to get involved and just want to listen & watch the vids - that's cool too, welcome!

Our rewards will be ever increasing as we conjure up more ways to express creativity & give back to our supporters. We're currently at T-Shirts, hoodies and Varsity jackets! Belt buckles, keyrings & mugs are being looked at.

Future plans include a Crashmas album! And more of the good stuff...twisted Crashified versions of well loved songs!

So really, we humbly thank you. For having a look at us, for coming to the shows and for jumping in and being part of our journey if that's your path and we're your cause! For being who you are, for liking what we do, for wanting & helping us to grow, and for helping us edge toward the dream!

We love you

Rachel, Siobhan, Paul, Ryan and Gaz
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