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I have a number of book series I'm working. The first book in the Undying Prince series will be released in April 2018, with the second book to follow in May 2018.

The Undying Prince – It has been centuries since the Sorcerer-Kings of old destroyed the world in their mad race to create ever-more-horrifying creatures. Now in the Fourth Age, known as the Age of Monsters, humanity clings to life by its fingernails, hidden behind walled cities and towns.

On the island of Daði, four kingdoms exist in an uneasy truce, ruled and protected by Cultivators with the power to break the Laws of Nature. There, Prince Erik, an unranked Cultivator and the descendant of a sorcerer’s experiment, is attacked by an ancient predator, a beast birthed in the molten core of a long dead world. And as the abomination devours him, something monstrous awakens within his blood.

Half A God - For centuries, the Behdin Inquisitors have hunted Mindrippers with a single-mindedness that bordered on obsession. In an age of musket and cannon, the hunt leads them to the ancient city of Digne where women are being butchered by an unknown killer. Here, Enk Gueye, a young scion of a noble house, wakes from a nightmare to discover he can read—and control—other people’s minds. He thinks he’s a god, but the Behdin Inquisitors have another name for what he has become: Mindripper.
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