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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page, true believers! I'm AB Silvera, also known as m33n4h through the internet. Here's the scoop:

Video Essays? Comedy? Just who are you anyway?

I'm a translator, stand-up comedian, video creator, pop culture commentator and twitch streamer. I know, that's a lot of stuff! In the past, most of my writing was focused on my activism as a feminist migrant trans woman. These days my focus is on comedy, writing, and producing video essays on different topics of pop culture, since I'm a huge geek and have a bunch of interesting perspectives to share with you all!

What's your story?

So, I was born in Argentina, which is a fascinating place, lived in Ireland for over a decade, learned lots about myself and the world, then moved to Scotland before, like, Brexit was a thing. Joke's on them because Scotland is rad. I'm known for having opinions on practically everything, and delivering said opinions in a manner that's entertaining or at least elicits a chuckle. I've been a comics blogger, I've done a political radio show, and now I hope to bring all of this and more to you through Patreon, ad-free and fully independently.

To date, there are two creative projects I'm the most proud of. One was being lead editor for most issues of the sadly defunct BoLT magazine, Ireland's first and only LGBT women's magazine. The archive is currently down, disappointingly.

The second and more recent one was finishing a Master's in Translation Studies, for which I produced a number of essays I'm excited to bring to you as videos. Famously (or infamously?), my Master's Thesis was on the translation of songs for Steven Universe. This thesis had me travel to the center of what makes a song tick, the numerous issues involved in song translation, and I even interviewed the official translator for Steven Universe in Latin America!

What will you create, exactly?

That's an important question! To start off, I'm going to be making videos on films, videogames, anime, and other such things. Of course, as a patron, you get to directly influence the focus of my content. I will also write blogs on issues to do with being trans, dealing with depression, and my journey in learning to write fiction. But the centerpiece of it all will be my YouTube video essays and vlogs. Topics will range from Star Wars and Steven Universe to issues of localization, story construction, and just how comedians write jokes.

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With this money, I can heat my house AND use the internet! Gnarly!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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