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I wrote my first novel when I was eight. It was eleven pages and lavishly illustrated.
Other than class assignments, journal-keeping, and starts of a few stories, other activities took precedence during my school years. In college got back to it in earnest. Poems, short stories, essays, one novel, a copy of Writers’ Market, SASEs, and rejection slips. By the time I was thirty I had gotten a few tidbits published, but America was in an economic recession. My writing was on again and mostly off again in favor of SURVIVAL.
For the past eight years I have been in a semi White Heat of writing. Presently I will reveal how this came to be after all the years of semi hiatus. Since 2010 I have written 3 novels, contributed to a photojournal, written twenty-five short stories – a dozen have been published – and am currently in the process of writing novel #4.
I would say that a major hallmark of my writing is variety. The published novel – Tales of the Astro Cats – is the story of a dynasty of remarkable felines who, through the centuries assist and prompt some of history’s greatest scientists, primarily astronomers, into great discoveries. It also has 50 of my wife Kathleen’s beautiful illustrations. https://tinyurl.com/ybnb7ge9
Impressions from England and Ireland: a Photojournal is a book of photographs and accompanying poetry and prose by my wife and me, compiled during our trip to the British Isles in 2005.
Next is Unseen Angels, a story set in rural Mississippi during the early years of the twentieth century. There is illegal whiskey, murder, large southern families, progressive politics, and old-time religion. https://tinyurl.com/DHWriter 
The Palmetto and its subtitle “Adventures with the Southern Underground” is a chronicle of the late sixties counterculture. It is told primarily from the point of view of a young man who leaves his teaching job and joins the “Revolution.”
My novel-in-progress has as yet no title: temp working title is “The Book with No Name.” Three college age boys leave their homes in central Kentucky and travel to Los Angeles in the summer of 1926. With the help of a wealthy cousin they begin working at the St. Catherine Hotel on Catalina Island. The story is driven by the jobs they seek, the people they meet, and the trajectory of their dreams and goals. https://www.facebook.com/alottafreaks/ 
The thirty or so short stories I’ve written are all over the place. Historical fiction, alternative historical fiction, stories of the counterculture of the sixties and early seventies, standalone chapters from my novels, magical realism, even a cycle of baseball stories.


For eight years I have been disabled. I say this not to elicit pity but because it is a major factor in my life. “Disability” in America basically means the inability to do productive work, and I can tell you it has been a challenge, though I have made an effort. Writing is work, and I have been in a semi white heat for several years. I want to see if I can make it productive – as I wait and work toward the traditional goal of book publishing.
Beyond that, I want to widen the circle. There is a community of people who read my stuff, but I want this community to grow. I don’t have any doubts about my ability to write, but I want to see if my writing is in any way commercially viable. A large and growing readership will reveal this.


Dave's Weird World!  A friend once told me that “weird” could be rendered, in the Hebrew language, as “holy”, which also means set apart. So, while my writer’s world may sometimes be strange or off the wall, it may also carry the breath of divinity and be a place surprisingly sacramental. Of course, as in all literature, the reader must discern these things for her or himself.

Good writing. Stories that may catch you off guard. The opportunity to observe the novel-writing process. A glimpse into the mind of a writer who, as a friend of mine once said many years ago, was “paying attention.” Narratives short and long that may actually add to the ongoing conversation about our country and some of the threads that run through it. I can’t tell you what they are – you’ll have to read to find out for yourselves.
In addition, I plan to produce some audio readings, probably via Soundcloud, of some of my stories and segments of my novels. My dramatic reading style is… well, let’s just say it can only improve, and things improve by doing them. Maybe I’ll develop a new talent, or not.
Finally, music is always a part of my writing process. There is a soundtrack to every story, songs that inspire me and provide the needed ambiance. If I get up the nerve, and especially if I’m able to toughen up the fingertips of my left hand (guitar and other string players know exactly what I’m talking about) then I may put up an occasional YouTube performance video as a premium for a certain level of patronage.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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