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About Doge Kobie

You may or may not know me, but I am kobie.

I really like doge memes.
I spend all day making quality shitposts in a certain group, and I pour my heart and soul into them to make sure everyone laughs at least once a day. But I'm very poor, and do not have a lot of money (I make less than minimum wage a month)

Doge is a very powerful meme, as you can see:not many people are capable of harnessing it's power, but I am one of these people. However, this takes up a lot of energy, and that energy is something I need to be using for work, though I truly love everyone and wish that they are happy so I make this sacrifice.

You dont have to donate anything, (i still would appreciate it) and I'm honestly suprised you even bothered to read up until this point, but I do hope I make a few of you happy, thats all I ever want in this world.
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I'll do a special video meme or go live in the group or some shit haha
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