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You already have access to my Garry's mod server for free and a Teamspeak to interact with me and people from chat before, during, and after streams. Some streamers hold this for ransom against non-subs, but I see it as an integral part of building a great community.

For as long as you support, you will get:
- Your name listed below my stream in the Patreon section.
- Exclusive access to patron-only content to be posted on the Philly Funtime Patron page including:
- Personal pictures and vlogs llike this one to be posted 1-2 times a month. These will be REALLY fun if you are actually interested in my personal life.
- Sneak peaks at new Fun Friends and other channel art before it is released.
- Exclusive early access announcements and stream plans (eg. There will be a surprise giveaway on Saturday's stream OR I will be doing a surpise stream of a new game)
- Other things as I think of new ideas. Be sure to keep all this content secret between Supporters!
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- You will be made a "Regular" of the channel wtih immunity to spam filters such as emotes and caps.
- Custom Nightbot commands available to only subscribers including !doge, !illuminati, !plebs and more in the future!
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Holy moly! Twice the amount that most people pay to subscribe to a stream! You are a true Philly fan!

For as long as you support, you will get:
- All previous reward tiers.
- A personal sub shoutout at the end of every stream.
- Priority selection in game choices.
- An invitation to post-stream Teamspeak 3 chats to happen weekly where we will talk about whatever you want!
- Conversations will be directed towards your ideas to improve the Philly Funtime streaming experience and you will have direct input in the channel's future.
- You can also ask me questions, advice, or anything you want on a more personal level.
- No mic? No problem, you are welcome to type your questions and thoughts in Teamspeak.




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About Philly Funtime

My Page:

Philly's Story - "It all makes sense now."

After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, my life was in a bit of a rut and had been for some time prior. I was hopelessly addicted to League of Legends and World of Warcraft before that. I've always been a competitor and a gamer, but my need for competition took a massive shift from sports to video games in my first year of high school when I got cut from high school baseball team tryouts because of a broken arm (snowboarding). I then got cut the next year while all my peers, many of whom I had played with on other club teams my whole life, made the squad. What's worse is the coach who cut me was also my Cross Country Coach and History Teacher who I was pretty close with. I wasn't used to not being the best, much less not even being part of the team... It hit me hard.

I started to spend longer hours on games, mainly WoW and CoD. I became a hardcore gamer pretty fast. My GPA suffered, but I still maintained a 3.5 most semesters and never below a 3.0. I managed to make it through a University on an easy major I was fond of, but not particularly proud of. I'm not lazy - I made the Dean's list numerous times - I just never saw myself working a "typical" job. Ever since I can remember, I envisioned entertaining people, either through sports, comedy, or gaming. But compound all this with my parents divorce of over 10 years which introduced me to 2 estranged stepparents whom I wanted no part of, and it became an easy choice most days to lock my bedroom door and lose myself in a game.

6 months after graduating college I applied at McDonald's as an overnight employee because I had run out of money that I had saved from working in high school and college, even after selling some personal belongings like my trumpet. I started streaming with the funds I made shortly thereafter after being inspired by the LoL streamer PhantomL0rd and I lived with/paid rent to my Dad. For my entire life, my parents have been amazing and INCREDIBLY supportive of me in everything that I do. I think part of them feels bad that I did not turn out to be the successful shining star that they or my childhood self anticipated... yet.

So here I am. Over 3 years removed from college with a degree, moving out, and working at McDonald's. I have been streaming pretty religiously since September 2013, with a few breaks and I decided in January 2014 that I was going to pursue it as a career. Since then my Twitch channel has been my life and I've invested much time, money and effort into it.

Why should You care?
The last thing I want you to do is feel sorry for me. I've been blessed with tremendous opportunity and kindess from others throughout my life. This story is just letting you know my point of view and why I am the person you see every day on stream. I hope you understand.

If you consider yourself a beneficiary of the fine community we've created (I sure as hell know I'm one) or the daily content you see, then this may be the time to consider giving back. I'm finally at a point in my streaming career where I'm comfortable asking for help and coincidentally I'm at make or break point in my life. Every dollar helps!

If you would like me to be able to stream FULL-TIME on a REGULAR SCHEDULE with HIGHER QUALITY CONTENT then please consider becoming a patron!

With love,

$0 of $100 per month
I currently work at McDonald's as my part-time job and stream for the rest of my income. Part of the reason this is even made possible without a Twitch partnership is because roughly half of my diet consists of free or half-off McDonald's food. Don't let my thin appearance fool you, I'm the most unhealthy I've been in my entire life, but I'm trying to be resourceful with my money as my stream grows.
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