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About N-NA

Hi Im Nina, I am here to make my dream reality!=)

Since I can remember I always loved drawing!
I gifted drawings to everyone around me if they wanted or not =D.
When I became a teenager I was so impressed by an anime I asked myself how is it even possible to draw this beautiful?!

And so I started practicing. Drawing became a daily thing and it was so much fun.
My dream to become a manga/comic artist was born.

I wanted to touch peoples hearts, teach, motivate, give a comfortable place to return to.
All these things that I experienced watching some shows
I wanted to create them aswell.

Whenever I told someone about my dreamjob I got to see the same reaction.
"You can't make a living with that"
"Maybe you should get a "real job" and do this in your free time"
I realized it's not so easy to make this dream come true.
I felt lost.
I just didn't know what to do so I got a job at a bakery just to pay my bills until I figure a way out.
It showed me even more that this is not my world and to hold onto my dream tightly
but what can i do?
Finally I found Webtoon! Yes there is actually a chance for people like me!
And here I am =)

If you choose to support me you help me to make this dream reality!
Even if you can't support me thank you for being here!
You change my life and I can't put it in words how incredible thankful I am to you!
From the bottom of my heart

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