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You are a fascinating, unexpected delight! You’ll get access to a monthly poem and vlog and can also commisson a poem on a topic of your choice!

Occasionally you’ll dip into the stream and come up with a tasty little wiggly thing of words and art, that I shall send you at random. You will definitely get a copy of my pamphlet Historical Plans Of How Romans Made Drains, and other stuff, too.

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You know a shiny thing when you see one! You are an intelligent and powerful corvid. You get a screen printed teatowel or, if you prefer, a T-shirt. It’ll have one of my latest designs on it.

You can also commission a poem and will have access to the vlog.

When I get my next collection published, you’ll be thanked in the acknowledgments.

I will also send out shiny, sporadicsurprises to my magpies at random, because I know you like that sort of thing.You will definitely get a copy of my pamphlet Historical Plans Of How Romans Made Drains, and other stuff, too. 

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You are the ultimate badass of the river.

you are graceful and powerful and a joy for anyone who sees you. You’ll get monthly poems. vlogs, the chance to commission a poem of your own, and a screen printed piece of art that you get to commission. You pick a slogan (up to ten words) and a prompt for the image. For example you tell me

“I want a print of a hotdog and the words ‘hot diggety dog ziggety boom!‘“ and that is what you shall have.

Every few months  a lovely little minnow of surprise art and poetry will come down your stream especially for you to gobble up. Yum!

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You are glorious. And majestic. And pink. You bring pleasure to millions. You are an icon.

As well as the rewards everyone else gets, you shall have a one off poetry pamphlet of your very own, commissioned by you. You want a collection of poems and illustrations about the inner life of a depressed Tory politician? About radio waves? Flat Earthers? Pizza? You just let me know and you got it. You absolute hero.

Also imma send you random poetry and art surprises about every month. Like seeing a flamingo in a duck pond. You won’t know when to expect them but hopefully you’ll be delighted when they occur.




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About Sez Thomasin

Greetings and salutations!
If you’ve come to this page, thank you: you have shown an interest in my work and my cold, dark heart glows to think of it.
If you’ve come to this page to actually support my me and my work, you are an angel among humans. Please do. A thousand thanks.

Things to know about me:
I am an autistic, genderqueer curmudgeon.
I mean well.
I write and perform poetry. I have no one style or subject matter, but current affairs, science, various kinds of activism, queer culture and neurodiversity seem to come up a lot.
I have won a few poetry slams. 
I  enjoy the challenge of writing to a prompt. Many of the rewards available will allow you to commission specific poems from me.
I write poetry usually with performance in mind, but some of my poems have ended up in books and magazines too. 
I am also a keen amateur screen printer hoping to hone my skills. I particularly like designing screen prints featuring wildlife, as well as slogans, especially ones that celebrate queerness and neurodiversity
I hope to write poetry I can illustrate with screen prints. An illustrated pamphlet is one of my ambitions.
I am Bad At Business. Being autistic, you might think I was amazing with numbers and spreadsheets. I am emphatically not. In fact, the intersection of my dyscalculia and my social anxiety means that finances etc are particularly challenging for me. I frequently work without pay just because invoicing etc. is so stressful. 
However, I’m freelancing now so that’s got to stop. This patreon account is an attempt to teach myself how to ask for pay for my work as much as anything. So um yeah, hi. I’d very much like some monies please. Am I doing it right?

This patreon is going to be “per creation” so you’ll be charged every time I put up some paid content.

I will NOT do this more than once a month, so you needn’t worry about me draining your bank accounts with poetry spam.

Thank you again.
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Along with temping work and selling my art, I need to eat! This would be a big help...

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