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See weekly updates/work-in-progress on my next book. Sneak peeks at artwork, and info about how I work!

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Monthly Patreon-exclusive comics! Diary comics, short stories... if you've ever read my zine Katzine, there might be some comics coming up that'll be familiar to you from the zine - like new instalments of the Sergio Talk series for example! Every month I'll post at least two pages of brand new full colour comics.

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- Access to digital copies of the eight back-issues of my zine Katzine, plus digital copies of any new ones I release.

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- Monthly top tips for anyone interested in comics/books/

publishing/drawing. You can also pick my brain about anything in these areas and I'll do my best to answer! 




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About Kat Chapman

I'm Kat... I live in London UK and I make comics and zines. I also do illustration work and I'm head of marketing for the publisher Avery Hill. My first graphic novel 'Follow Me In' came out in September 2018. My zine 'Katzine' won Best Ongoing Series in the 2017 Broken Frontier Awards, and my graphic novel won Best Graphic Non-fiction in the 2018 Broken Frontier Awards. I'm currently starting work on a new book, and have decided to use Patreon to share my process... I also love the idea of creating monthly comics exclusively for Patreon! 

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