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About FootballNerd

Hey Guys, FootballNerd here! FootballNerd is a fast growing YouTube channel with over 8500 subscribers, over 3 million views across all of our videos and over 10 million minutes watched across all of our videos!

The FootballNerd channel is managed by 3 people:

Robert Albarda: That's me! I'm the founder of the FootballNerd YouTube channel and created it on November 5 2015. I love soccer and creating interesting and entertaining videos for the channel. I always put all my effort into my videos and sport!

Cameron Latimer: Cameron is one of my best friends and joined the FootballNerd team in 2018. Cameron makes all different types of videos for the channel and loves soccer. We both share a passion for creating great videos and soccer.

Eddie King: Eddie is my oldest and best friend, Eddie has not made any videos on the FootballNerd channel yet however he creates the music for most of our videos from his music studio. Eddie loves making great music and of course soccer!

So donate to us if you can! All donation sizes and appreciated and will have great benefits! We are a small channel so we really appreciate your support! 

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