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In this Pack comes 3 fun oppertunitys 

1. Music Selection During Stream & in Video Uploads.

2. First to know knowledge , Always be the first to know when a video or stream goes live With Schedule Uploads along with Out of  no were stream sessions.

3. Get a legit personalized shout out for your Character or Even your name if you so choose.

4. Welcome to the Family and always have fun.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Xo's-Spot Creative Streaming for everyone.

Creating/editing Video's is my thing Gaming is also my thing , So with a little Inspiration from youtube, & a little love from Everyone else i can put both these things together to make somthing amazing. 
$0 of $100 per month
As this goal is met, will reach a mile stone in wich ill push to doing longer streams & making more videos
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