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In the world of Autism the need for how vast and different the spectrum has to be highlighted more in the general public – especially in my Caribbean and African American Communities. You may have a child that has ADHD, ADD, PDD, Down Syndrome, Asperser’s Syndrome just to mention a few special needs that one can be tackling separately or even as a combined diagnosis. Parents shouldn't have to hide, tip toe or be made to feel less than any another parent because they were gifted a child with special needs. I hope by your Patronizing Zane's page, you can laugh, become more educated, share your own stories and create a "real movement" for those who really can't represent for themselves.
My approach most of the time will be via humor, but never exploitation. Most of the time the lesson and laughter will be at our expense - but there is ALWAYS an underlying message or lesson. Please share this page, I think it may help many, many other.  Bless up!

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