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I will be providing some secret stuff regarding to my work for the curious patrons who want to see things before everyone else ;) *just as soon as I figure out how to do it*
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Skype chats every month! You will recieve my info and I will always be available for your own future projects or if you just want to chat! 




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About TheFearRaiser

Heya! My names Jordan and if you didn't know already I am an owner of a  YouTube channel named "TheFearRaiser" What I upload on YouTube can vary from high quality animations to some funny game play videos. My reason behind starting  YouTube channel is still and will forever be to put a smile on everyone's face, to lend a hand to anyone who feels down or needs something to laugh at. As you might not know however money has become an issue for me and even thought I don't do any of the work I do for profit I need to find some sort of income or I won't be able to continue what I do here on Youtube, or rather not very much because of lack of time from finding a job and university.

I want you to also know that all the money you guys generously give to me will be greatly used towards further improving my channel and of course giving me a little food on the side because, well, I need that live. If even you guys donated 1$ each it would greatly help me in such a huge way. Understand that I will still continue to do what I do best regardless of you lending a hand in this kind of situation, I realize this isn't the kind of help everyone is willing to give and thats ok! Just keep doing what you're doing in supporting my videos, liking, commenting and that is still great for me!

I love you guys and I will strive to continue entertaining you guys to the best of my abilities! 

Thank you so much
- Fear
- Jordan
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Reaching 500$ per month would help me significantly in continuing to create content for you guys. Not only would I have more time to dedicate towards videos but also I would be free from breaking away from my part time job to focus more on YouTube. If we can reach this goal I can promise nothing but grattitude and great content from me. 
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