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Access to my weekly practices. Your generous support goes to my nonprofit Root Studio where we support at risk teen girls in a critical chapter of their lives.




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About Andrea Chesnes

Welcome to the Root to Rise Studio Project on Patreon! Here is the juncture between my spiritual practice, my teachings (to you!) and my service to our future female leaders. Let’s start with what I can offer you here on Patreon. First, you will receive top of the line, high quality yoga from a teacher that knows the true power of this system. Second, your asana practice will have profound positive effects that will touch every aspect of your life., By practicing with me you will not only be supporting your own health, you’ll also be directly contributing to young girls who need a chance at a good life.

Each week I will offer a grounding practice through body, breathe and mind. Grounding down into the body is the best antidote for a culture filled with too much technology, information consumption and sitting at desks all day. The benefits of rooting downward -- stability, right to exist, feeling contained, settling anxiety, resting the chatter of the mind, finding your voice, listening to your wisdom--cannot be met unless we enter the body in a safe an intelligent way. Yoga is that system!

I am taking on an ambitious task to bring individual spiritual practice back to our communities. Root Studio is a brick & mortar establishment in the heart of Turners Falls, MA. that servesat risk teen girls within our neighborhood. We have working showers, cubbies, washer/dryer and healthy snacks provided by local farms- basic needs can be met. Yoga and meditation are the methods for deeper healing once our basic needs are met.

Root Studio is decommodifying sacred space so every girl in my neighborhood has the opportunity to practice with a highly skilled teacher regardless of economic status, race, gender, sexual preference or other “ism” that may be an obstacle to practice.

For just $10 a month you can have access to great yoga that will change your life. If you are looking for more, keep exploring this page for more options. I will be offering technique classes, one-on-one questions and answers and deeper meditative practices if you are willing to contribute just a bit more monthly. Keep in mind, even if you cannot lend financial support , email me. We’ll chat.

Spirituality was never about gaining more. It is and always will be about returning to essence - love, compassion, clarity, equanimity and joy. We do less to experience our true selves. We arrive back to our true nature of love, compassion, care, generosity and fill ourselves with the joy that spills out into the world. xoxo
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