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You guys are amazing. Every single one of you. Take solace in the fact you are helping someone pursue their dream.

You raise my Donger bros.
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You guys are the minion under my banner of command! 

You will be added to my friends list (EUW) and get priority over any fan games/games on stream.
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You will be added to my friends list (EUW) and get priority over any fan games/games on stream.

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About RezoneGAMES

Hey bros, if your on this page then you probably already know who I am? If not then let me introduce name is Rezone! The idea of a Patreon was brought up on one of my streams when I told my viewers that i still didn't have a subscribe button/option on twitch. I always disliked the idea of a Patreon as to me it seemed exploitative or underhanded but after speaking to subscribers, fans and followers I eventually realised that Patreon is what you make it. So this is going to be an open medium for you guys to support me through!

Most of you already know this ..but I live in my own apartment and work full time in order to pay my bills, all while trying to produce quality League content each week. My eventual dream is to leave my job and sustain myself completely through streaming/YouTube by making high quality content for you bros! I currently make 2 videos a week and this is through true grit and late nights of staying up editing/playing.

I appreciate everyone who has come on my journey so far and all of the support i have received over the last year. Either it be a like, kind comment, share, follow, subscribe or donation. ALL IS APPRECIATED.

When I first started Youtube I looked at it as a hobby.. with a small fan base, now i look at it as my future ...with you bros being a second family.

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This would cover the cost of my rent each month allowing me to focus more on producing quality content rather than becoming homeless!
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