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Pepehu Kekbar, same name for both.

Nothing will ever be here specifically.
If you like the thing I do, 
Part of it involves me getting away from the computer.

Since folks have been asking for this, here's a paypal link for one-time donations:

Lately I've been making videos.

Feel free to send me stuff with which to make videos:

The Divine Perspective Project

Re-Editing The Dream

The Meta Index

Photography Work:


That will take you just about everywhere, if you can figure it out.
$0 of $5,000 per month
I'm not "doing this for the money".
If you follow this rabbit hole I'm leading you down, I promise that you'll come out the other side right side up.

All of your help is graciously appreciated.
The more time I can spend on this without being distracted by money, the more fully my Passion can blossom.

Please do not support me for a reward.
Please do not support me because you want recognition.
This isn't a charity auction where you're bidding on "gifts".

I hold the copyright to the keys, already.
What I do is for Everyone.
This is not about me.
This is not about (You).
This is about {Them}
This is about [Us].

Really, I need people more than I need money.
Can you help me realize The Dream and help others do so?

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