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Hi Patrons!

I want to share my knowledge of medicines and pharmacy by creating educational videos whether your a student in school, a patient trying to understand your medications and how they work, or are a practicing clinician needing help to review for board exams and certifications.

Having gone through the past 6 years of school (with a huge accumulation of debt!), I realized two things about finding medical information online: 1) It's too difficult to understand unless you have gone through school, 2) The information is too general and not useful at all to truly understand.

You can Pledge any donation amount you want, and set the maximum you want to spend in one month so you don't go over your budget! I would be absolutely grateful if you can help so I don't have to focus on paying off my debt and more on helping people like you!

Please feel free to send requests of what topics you would like me to cover and questions to be answered. I'll choose the topics that are requested the most, or to the patron who pledges the highest amount. Also note that I can't provide direct medical advice so if you have specific questions about your medications or conditions please see your healthcare provider or local pharmacist!

Thanks and start empowering yourself today!

$18 of $30 per video
I will create a special video based off of what the patrons want! Feel free to let me know what you would like to know and I will create a video based off of the most votes or the highest patron donation. It could be on understanding your medications, why a certain drug combination is not good, herbal medicines and what works, what doesn't, and diet recommendations.
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