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Oh hello there,

I used to live a normal life. But now I spend the majority of it screaming into my keyboard desperately trying to think of funny things to write to please you bastards creating content for this unusual endeavour that I call ‘Life in Layman’s’.

It began with science articles. I wrote and published them on my website.

During this, I fell into a rabbit hole of reading research papers. It was here that I realized how much pure awesomeness has been shrouded within layers of scientific terminology. Of course, it’s essential but isn’t easy reading for those who didn’t write it, (so basically almost everyone then). There are so many amazing facts hidden out there!

So I've spent the past year clarifying all the scientific jargon from these papers for those who’d rather just dabble in science, rather than devote their entire life it. (For those concerned, I am semi-qualified with a degree in the sciences so I do have a rough idea of what i'm doing :)

I never considered this venture to be something that could actually sustain me financially, but with its popularity growing faster than ever, with continued support from you guys, I'm incredibly excited to see what this little side project is going to birth into!

To reach into a broader audience, I've branched into (albeit shoddy) video production, which seems to be working out alright. 

However, with a full-time jobbo in real life, I only have time to release one video about every half moon. But..... joining me today with a small pledge will create time to produce all sorts of glorious greatness, and spread the Layman love to every man, woman and North Korean.

Here's what joining team Layman will allow me to do:
Come up with a better name for followers than 'team Layman'

A video interviewing a number of flat-earthers from around the globe 

A video researching the number of blood transfusions needed to transform politicians into real humans

Hire an Oxford Dictionary boffin to work out whether ‘Life in Layman’s’ really should have an apostrophe in it; it's been bothering me for weeks

Bonus: Build a brand called 'Brexit Biscuits' which Britsh folk can delve into and dip in tea once the government goes tits up.

The Good News...
With only a small bachelor pad in Stratford-upon-Avon, and a diet consisting primarily of Grey Goose and warm scrambled egg, I'm not afraid to admit that it really wouldn't cost much to sustain me to do this full time. 
So come join me and let's change the world now shall we?

That’s all for now chaps,
Life in Layman’s

P.s. Did I mention how great you look today? Something with your hair, I think. Whatever it is, you're really rocking it, (not that I'm trying to butter you up or anything).
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As a thank you for getting me started, I'll open a poll to decide where to take a photo of the name covered Schindler's list photo.
It will be from pre-selected places E.g. outside Shakespeare's house, at Big Ben, on banana plantations... 
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