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About Velocity Games

Welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Zach, I am 14 years old, and I am an indie game developer. I develop games for iOS and Android and enjoy making videos about game development. My most current game is called .LiNE. It is a beautiful puzzle game with inspiring life quotes. I use a software called build box and do many tutorials on how to create your own games.

I recently have been creating videos on youtube to show how I create my games and to show you my experiences in game development. I started making games about 3 years ago and hope to continue and grow this journey.

By becoming a Patron, you are supporting the creation of my youtube videos and my game development. Patrons will receive shoutouts at the end of my youtube videos, beta versions of games, and also full games that are ad-free Top Patrons will also get shoutouts at the end of my videos and will also be in the credits of my games.

I can't wait to create more amazing games and videos for you to enjoy. By you being a Patron you will be supporting the cost of software and other game development needs.

Thank You!
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Reaching this goal will help me create more vidoes and games for all of you to enjoy!
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