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My career in the entertainment industry was accidental. I was working as an architectural designer/draftsmen when I was first introduced to individuals working on an animated series for their intellectual properties. I always had a fascination with creating designs which were beyond what was possible in the real world. My drawings creating make believe worlds were the beginning of my career in the animation industry. Working alongside such accomplished and talented artists was the start of my transition into this world. Subsequently, I have been able to create a good network of friends and fellow artists who always found a way for me to utilize my craft on various projects and allowed me to work on a diverse set of projects. Their positive and encouraging words were heartfelt and inspired me to pursue my passion for creating worlds of make believe as a profession.

Early in my career I started with children’s programming and cartoons and later focused on projects geared for teens and adults which has ultimately landed me in the video game industry. Video games are animated films with real-time interactivity in which the user can actually control and manipulate at their own pace. I do feel that the complexities involved with game design and all the diverse disciplines required to complete a project for me, is a more complex process. Both animation for film and game design are filled with creativity and art and both require similar attention to storytelling art and technology to entertain. There is a lot of migration between media disciplines that allows artists more options for creative expression and cross pollination. I’ve seen lots of chances during my years in entertainment and there have been wonderful developments brought on with the development of digital technology. My specialty has always been science fiction. As an artist, I’ve had to overcome rejection from decision makers whose passions and objections were not consistent with my own. However, I’ve done my best to generate the best work possible so that it would be used.

I don’t have any formal art training but have been able to learn and grow mostly due to my focus and motivation. I have always worked vigorously on my portfolio which shows my visual diversity, my competence and skill set to studios and clients alike. Problem solving is a big part of becoming a commercial artist which is why have always centered myself on “thinking outside the box”. Being able to bring new solutions to old problems generates freshness and is a invaluable asset in an over-saturated industry. My ability to stay open minded and utilize all the resources available to learn and discover a unique vision and expression as an artist has served me well. Above all, observing life around me has ultimately been my guide in my vision as a creative individual.
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