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About Crypto Whale

This page compiles Data and News on Cryptocurrency to bring you its Predictions Early. This page does the research so you do not have to. Currently the main avenue of posting is through Twitter @cryptowhaletips. Although I found people asking me for predictions before I would be willing to release them, so this is where Patreon comes into play. Here people who support will get access to tips on altcoins early and news regarding them before the twitter page post them. 
Successful Tips Made in Past
- ECA (Saw 500% Gains)
- Ripple (Saw 350% Gains)
- COLX (Saw 700% Gains)
- Cyder (Saw 200% Gains)
Can see more predictions made on the twitter page

**Full Disclosure these tips are my opinion and is not legal advice to invest, I personally just have a lot of experience in Cryptocurrency**
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