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Thanks for your support! You're helping me to create new content - and you deserve some recognition for that:

This tier gives you early access to my latest videos, giving you access 24 hours before they're released on YouTube. You'll also be recognised on Discord with a snazzy orange 'Supporter' tag.

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You're awesome, and you deserve something special for your support.

In addition to the benefits of Little Boy, you also can request an EAS video every three months. That's pretty cool! After you become a Fat Man, I'll be in touch to see what you want your EAS video to be like - and you'll get to see it before anyone else, too! 😉




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Hi, I'm Alex. I make videos on the internet that I'll probably regret in a few years time, but for now I'm enjoying it. A few viewers have asked if it's possible to support me making new content - you now can, and there's some benefits for you too!

I make a wide variety of content on my YouTube channel, and live stream on Twitch fairly regularly as well. Any support you can give helps me to do this - but please don't if it stretches your finances!
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When I reach $50 a month, I'll start releasing two videos a week.
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