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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by the ol' Patreon page! Far from being our dark future's cyber-pan-handling corner, I think of this page as more of a digital base of operations - Home and HQ to launch my personal projects from. In this metaphor, the rockets are VIDEO GAMES, and the far flung reaches of starry space represents YOUR VERY COMPUTER SCREENS. Mission success will be the point at which these games find explosive popularity across the interweb. Not that space rockets should be explosive... I admit I reached the limit of that comparison...

My name is Jonny, and I've been working on game design with Unity for the past 4-5 years. During this time I have freelanced on a variety of different projects and taught introductory Unity courses at summer camps in NYC and the tri-state area. My dream is to publish my own small indie game experiences. Along those lines, I've been thinking of ways to make the lonely process as interactive as possible. To that end I've come up with a nifty idea, something I'm calling...

Project Thunderbird

The pitch:
In a technologically advanced future, factions wage war in the skies using manned flight suits known as "Rigs." Amidst it all, an orbital pirate ship known as the Highwayman fights for survival, raiding battlefields for scrap to construct a Rig of their own. Master mechanized arial combat and navigate complex relationships with your fellow outlaws to earn your freedom in THUNDERBIRD!!

The game:
A 2D top-down twin-stick-style shooter about building and flying a mech suit. The game will include a branching narrative where your choices will impact the abilities of your pilot and mech.

At this point, the game is still a loose collection of ideas. Hopefully, by building and discussing the project openly, those ideas will crystallize into a tight, fun, arcade-y shooter. But I need your help! One of my first goals for the project is to make a web-playable version that I can continually update, so that you can test it at any point in development. Play-testing and sharing your feedback is enormously helpful(!!!), and will earn you a place in the credits of the final version. I also plan to link the public GIT repository for the project, so if you are interested in following along, checking out the code or contributing your own suggestions, send me a message! Lastly, I will try to stream the bulk of my work on the project, (mostly boring coding, but also some drawing and asset creation too). If you want to hang out, make suggestions, ask a Unity question or just chat, you should stop by! I will post a general streaming calendar once I've gotten my routine down.

How you can help / Plans for the future

At the time of posting this page is embarrassingly bare-bones. We'll be flooding the place with content soon, and at that point I will be setting up patron tiers. In the meantime, if you'd like to help, the best and easiest thing you can do is to hit the follow button on this page (top, left)!! That will let you know when there's more to see and get involved with. You can also follow me on Twitter @Ninjaboots88 - where you'll see daily project status updates, along with general bitching and retweets about video game stuff.


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