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For this amount you will be able to make a wish for whatever your heart desires. I can not guarantee that this wish will come true as  I am not magic, but you'll be able to do it regardless. (Note this tier is a joke)   
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You get a basic line art commission. For anything so long as it's not NSFW. 

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Hello my name is Amanda Hoxit or anolelightdragon on Tumblr and Furaffinity. I make all sorts of things there from comics to parody stories to my own original art and drawings. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a starving artist at the moment and desperately need money if I want to continue living so I can make more art.

I do hope you'll consider being a Patreon to me and if you can't don't feel bad.

Here's my Tumblr and my FA if you want to check me out.
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