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Too many people have been hurt in the name of religion, including my family.

I could have responded by becoming angry and rejecting God, by giving up the search for truth - and for a while I did. But as you get older you discover everyone is having a hard time and hurting at least a little, and you realise that there are better ways to respond to pain. I finally responded to my pain by crying out to God to show me the truth. 

God answered, and despite all my faults and failures, I've accepted his gift of life through his son Jesus Christ. 

It's really that simple, but people try to complicate it, and we have hundreds of denominations who argue amongst themselves all the time. But change is coming. 

People are being freed from the shackles of religion and realising that God made himself small and came down to our level so we could know him, and the least we can do is make the effort to get to know him back. 

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