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Cute Balloon Concept Character Art
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Donating at least $10 will earn you an adorable art piece of concept art of any character you choose as a balloon!
Handmade Resin Heart
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Donating at least $50 will earn you a handmade resin heart piece of any colors or designs you want!
Japanese Plushie Of Your Choice
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Donating at least $100 will earn you any plushie you want from a Japanese store in my area. 




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Good day! My name is AJ but you can call me Luna Lusterdust! I'm sure you are wondering why I'm here. To tell you the complete truth, I'm here for the people in pain. I'm here for the people who are waiting for it to stop. I'm on a mission to help them. To help kill the monster that is CANCER. Cancer kills millions of people around the world in many horrific ways. Yesterday, I met someone on Twitter who as suffering greatly from it. They were dying...
After hearing their story, I decided to go on this mission. I need help completing it though. I need donations from kind people to help keep the fight against cancer alive. There are things I will do to return the kindness. Art, crafts, gifts and more will be rewarded to those who help me. I promise you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for reading. I am certainly grateful! 
$0 of $300 per month
This is the minimum amount I am going with for now. I didn't want to make it too high. 
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