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is creating Metal Art, Functional Art and YouTube Videos
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About Than King

Thank you for visiting our site. From our shop in Northern California, we combine wood and metal to make functional art that focuses on preserving the beauty of nature in the permanence of iron. We use traditional blacksmith techniques, as well as modern tools to make each piece unique and of the highest quality possible. There is a certain pride in craftsmanship that can only be achieved by forging each piece of iron separately and cutting every piece of wood individually. Pacific Saw and Anvil is proud to be producing American made products for the whole world to enjoy.

We use as much reclaimed material as possible, including metal we have salvaged from ranches in the surrounding area and tool steel from local mills. Many of our products are made from repurposed horseshoes and horseshoe rasps.

We have been working to expand the number of youtube videos we have.  We like to focus on how to videos explaining our process when building our products and other instructional videos for basic forging skills.  We also throw in a few videos of fun stuff we are doing in our life's.    

Earning a living as a craftsman/ maker of handmade items is difficult.  Making the switch from a regular full time JOB to a full time business owner is hard when you have a family to support.  Your contribution will help with the monthly costs of running a shop (mainly keeping the lights on) and provide for more and better quality videos of our work.  It is impossible to find time to produce new art and come up with new products when you have to focus on covering the monthly bills.  Providing financial support, provides time! And time is what it takes to produce new and high quality art for all to enjoy.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you have something you would like built, send us a message and we can work on a special order for you.  Thank you for your support, you will not be disappointed.
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$500 dollars a month is enough money to cover the monthly shop expenses  (metal, power, and fuel) plus a little extra to produce video content, so people can share in the process. Sharing knowledge is becoming ever easier but we need to continue to share the knowledge of past generations.
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