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If I ever hit 100 or more subs I well do a face reveal on here before putting it up on YouTube but before I do that I'll put it on here first.
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I think getting to play a game with you guys would be a lot of fun and to see how good or evil you minds can get.




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About Soul Vessel

Hi welcome to my patreon page, I make gaming videos and put them on YouTube but I want to make sure you guys that am shy so it's hard for me to talk at times.

I don't want to let you guys down so you guys can enjoy what I put up on YouTube most likely no one will but am still going to try.

Thank you so mush for helping out, see you in the next video and have a good day everyone bye.
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I don't think I'll hit this goal but I could be wrong this is hard for me to do because am still shy but we can get to this goal together have a good day everyone and be safe bye.
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