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A friend told me i should do this despite me being fully aware it wont work XD
Basically I'm in a financial crisis where i am unable to work due to isolation and cant afford to get the things i require to fix that, like a license or rent, yet despite all that Centrelink doesn't see it fit to grant me any payments so i am quite literally out of options. My friend suggested i start one of these up to see how many people actually decide to chip in to a motorcycle and a license for it so i can hopefully get a job further out of the town I'm stuck in and save enough money to move out.
If by some miracle I find that people care enough to actually fund this "project" I'm afraid all i could really offer is gratitude, on that note i do thankyou for taking the time to read this last ditch effort of mine and do hope you consider helping me out :3
$0 of $5,800 per month
this is the ultimate end goal and will give me enough to get the Kawasaki ninja 250 i've had my eyes on, thought some serious thanks are in order if i make it to this goal
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