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About Corwin Black Ministries

My name is Corwin Black.

There are many verb tenses and pragmatical structures in the Greek New Testament that do not exist in English.  Sadly these verbs are typically just translated as present tense.  For example:  When Jesus dies on the Cross he says, "It is finished."  This passage in the Greek is in one of these verb tenses, called the 'perfect tense'.  It is not a present tense verb.  With this Greek verb tense it is what this action effects that is important, not the fact that it is finished. 

Jesus' death on the Cross effects a great many things.  Therefore, an accurate translation of the original meaning of the Greek text should at least be,"

"Now sin and death are conquered for all of eternity and for all those who have died, all those who are alive, and for all those who are yet to be born."

This revelation is not new.  It has been known for some time.  When I was in seminary and I discovered this I asked them why doesn't our English translations say this if that's what it means.  They told me that they've just always done it that way.

Ouch.  I intend to bring to you the original meaning of the Greek text by properly including the missing ingredients from the Greek New Testament.


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