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is creating Manga and a game based on the manga, music based, colorful, and
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About Starry Knights

Starry Knights is a seemingly goofy adventure with the main character being me! (Acs) a green knight in special armor made by himself to resemble his Hero of a dad. But he was more brain and ended up making some substance he called fuel, which later is called Knightmare fuel! (notice the "k"... these puns happen a lot) No one ever saw his face ever again, and stays in his armor doused in this black liquid. All this was done to become like his father, but the day it was his first to go and save some lives, the worst happens. Earth is destroyed, only by escaping Acs, his best friend Twine whom he tested on, and his family escape. Soon they are caught and the escape pods are activated splitting everyone up. Leaving Acs and Twine on a unpopulated tiny asteroid containing just enough for time to live for now... Now the story begins of two friends that while being the last pure earth humans, they must recreate earth using earth's last effort of saving it's life. A process where one capsule is dedicated to the life code of an individual animal, plant, or fragments to restore earth itself and regain humanity.
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