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Hellooooo pretties!

I'm Jen, also known on the internet as GhostBird. I've been streaming on Twitch for a while now, and the days I love the most are when my community dives really deep into discussion about movies and the impact they have. 
Why did Wonder Woman rock the world?
What makes the Black Panther villain so very excellent? 
Did La La Land deserve all the awards it won? (Spoilers: NO.)
I love these questions, and I love talking about them. Thus, I am now armed with a MoviePass, and I am determined to see as many movies as possible in theaters so I can review them for you and tell you:
  1. Which ones will waste your time
  2. Which ones you'll want to see again immediately
  3. Which ones will make you cry
  4. Which ones to definitely not see with your mother
  5. Why, in great and exhaustive detail, the opening scene in La La Land is atrocious and how the choreographer was lazy and the casting people couldn't seem to find singers who could project their voices beyond the tips of their noses and the sound mixer couldn't salvage it so they buried the vocals behind the really not terribly original or memorable music and the end result is a scene whose biggest impact on Hollywood was shutting down a perfectly useful freeway ramp for an annoying amount of time and ruining everyone's commute WHY DID THIS MOVIE WIN SO MANY AWARDS

Why this Patreon?

Because this stuff takes so much time. I've been hindered from doing things like this for so long because I live in LA, the biggest combination of a blessing and a curse I've ever known, and it demands that I give my firstborn child in cost of living. 

Your Patreon Pledge, even if it's just a dollar (dollars add up, yo!), will allow me to worry less about taking shifts at the restaurant and feel way better about dedicating hours a week to sitting in a movie theater watching people play pretend, and then spending even more hours thinking about it and forming interesting thoughts about what I've seen. 

What's in the works?

The reviews of the movies I see will start off with a non-spoilery breakdown of what worked, what didn't work, and my overall impression of the film. Then, after a spoiler warning, I'll dive a bit deeper into specifics, discuss any plot twists, and air any grievances (la la land). 

I'm also planning video essays to dive into generic movie topics I love to shout about, such as leitmotifs and book-to-movie adaptations, and once we reach our first big Patreon goal I'm going to start diving into watching and reviewing classics I've never seen like Casablanca and The Godfather. These will come as I have time and resources to do them--the movie reviews are priority #1!

Patron Extras!

By pledging to me and this project, you can unlock all kinds of goodies for yourself! For A MERE DOLLAR you gain access to our discord where you can share your own opinions, duke it out with people who disagree with you (please be nice though), ask what you and your boo should see for your date night, and you can take the content into your own hands and VOTE for what I go see and review if I have more than one option!

Other rewards include: videos I'll record on my phone of my first unfiltered thoughts as I leave the theater (these will be spoiler-free, don't worry), watching movies in with me, getting personalized movie recommendations, having your name in the credits of my videos, and more! 

But Jen, I'm already a Twitch Subscriber. Is Twitch not good enough?

Twitch is amazing and omg thank you for subscribing to me! The only bummer with Twitch is that they take half of all my sub revenue, so it's not as lucrative as one might think. Patreon only takes 5%-8%, which is way better for me! 

BUT because I love my Twitch subs so much (and Amazon Prime gives you the option to subscribe FO FREE and also Twitch gives you emotes when Patreon doesn't), Twitch subs will have the same access and permissions in the discord as $3 patrons do! I can't grant access on the patreon feed, but I'll make sure to cross-post the preview videos so you Twitch folks can see them. :)

(inb4 the inevitable question--I specify the $3 patron tier and not $5, because the money I get from a Twitch sub and the money I get from a $3 patron are almost the same)


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You're covering the cost of my MoviePass AND my weekly attempt to set a personal best of "how much popcorn can I shove in my face at once without dropping any on the cinema floor," you ROCK.
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